Thursday, October 2, 2008

Construction Update #24

Work on the East wall (Line 1) framing is progressing well, and should be completed in another day or so. Work on the roof had to be suspended due to continued wet weather. High Bay lighting was installed by museum forces in the middle of the building, which will enable work to continue inside once the walls are fully closed in.


leandro said...

Great little update-blog. Thank you for it.

Will the two barns be connected afterwards to make storage of working streetcars easier? Or will they continue to back up into the barns? A connected pass-through track may be fun to make the trip feel particularly long :)

Good luck on the project.

Tom Twigge-Molecey said...

The two buildings are connected. Initially, the tracks will extend eastwards to the ladder and yard track which is already built. The six tracks all line up with the tracks in the existing building, and the existing building already has framed track doors on it's east end. Eventually, the doorways will be opened up, doors installed, and the tracks extended right through. In the short term, the priority is getting track built to get the cars under cover. Overhead in the barn, and on the track leading to it is still a few years away.