Monday, October 6, 2008

Construction Update #26

Framing work on Line K continued, and installation of the cladding commenced. The cladding as about 50% installed on the lower portion of Line K. A 3' light panel will be installed above it, with another 3' of steel up to the roof. The light panel should reduce the need for lighting during the day. Fundraising continues, and just under $5,000 was raised over the weekend. Thanks to all contributors. Please keep the donations coming, regardless of the amount - every $20 helps.

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Anonymous said...

I recently came across a copy of the old museum guidebook from the 1980's showing the planned barn. We all know that the project would have died years ago were it not for your determination to see it built. The fact that it has finally been built is nothing short of incredible, and you should feel tremendous pride at your accomplishment. There has been a lot of criticism over the years at the delays in the project, mostly from people who never lifted a finger to help move it along. Congratulations for finally pulling this off. I doubt anyone else in the organization could have done it. My hat is off to you sir. WSR