Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Construction Update #31

Not much to report today. The crew took an extended Thanksgiving weekend, and the cladding work on Line 1 never got completed last week. The mandoor frame on the end of the archives car adjoining the building was completed over the weekend however. Once the cladding is on line 9, the opening will permit passage from the car into the barn.

The firewall insulation is on backorder, and delivery is expected on or about October 27. Once the cladding on Line 1 and 9 is complete, I expect the crew will demobilize until the insulation arrives. When they come back, new piers will be poured for the roll up door on Line K, and the two roll-up doors for the parts area, and the four mandoors will be installed.

Fundraising continues. Please keep those contributions coming. We are currently investigating the feasibility of monthly debits by the bank to allow for regular planned contributions - Details to follow. The project also got some good press in the Milton Champion last week. I'll publish the article once I get it scanned.

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