Thursday, October 29, 2009

Construction Update #69

The BIG POUR was undertaken today. 61 cubic meters of concrete were placed between 0800 and 1430, representing 8 truckloads. The trucks arrived every 45 minutes like clockwork, and each truck took 35-40 minutes to unload. The trucks were backed into the building, and the parts slab was poured from west to east. The concrete was leveled and finished continuously. We had a great turnout, and there were enough hands for all the tools. We completed finishing around 1645, and the initials of everyone who assisted with all the pours to date were carved in the floor at 1700. This completes the bulk of the concrete work with 116 cubic meters placed so far. My sincerest thanks to everyone who came out to help.

1 comment:

Jim Sorensen said...

Wow - ever fantastic
Glad you got a big turnout.
Major accomplishment