Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Construction Update #63

Concrete work continues to progress. The forms were stripped from the south wall over the weekend, and are ready for re-installation on the north wall. The forms for the east slab on tracks 41-44 were completed, as was the slab south of track 46. The devilstrips between tracks 41 & 42, 42 & 43, 43 & 44 were poured today as well as the section south of track 46. The east slab is now about 50% done. The sections between the rails will be poured next (The need for access to finish the slab precluded pouring it all at once). Thanks to Dave B. and Chris F. for their assistance with the pour. Photos to come.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot believe the progress, or the pace at which things are falling into place. To construct 5 tracks in the building in a single weekend? I never would have believed it. I cannot wait to see cars inside the building, and my hat is off to you for your dedication and perseverence to see this massive project through to completion! Well done!