Thursday, September 17, 2009

Construction Update #55

Today was another productive day. A rented PNR 10-ton was on site to sort & move our tie stockpile. There are over 750 ties on site, of which 550 had plates still installed. PNR's stellar operator, Dan, laid the ties in neat rows and they were methodically stripped. It is worth noting that over 500 of the ties had 8 spikes in them - Needless to say, a clawbar would have taken abour 3 months. To that end, I borrowed a hydraulic spike puller, and PNR generously loaned us a hydraulic power pack to run it - The result was that a spike could be pulled in about 3 seconds with minimal effort beyond the brute force required to carry the spike puller. The ties were all neatly stockpiled after stripping. All the spikes will be reused, and the plates were all sent back to PNR for a credit towards the days operation. Sincere thanks to Ian Smith and Chris Fox for their assistance, and to PNR for loaning us the hydraulic power pack.

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