Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Construction Update #75

Track construction was substantially completed on Sunday. Track 42 and 43 had their gauge rail spiked, and track 41 had the line rail spiked, and the gauge rail installed and spiked. Balast was placed on all three tracks to help hold the line, and tracks 41 & 42 were lifted and tamped just east of the barn doors. Ballast was also placed on Track 46 using the backhoe, and track 45 was ballasted using the hopper car and the trackmobile. Concurrent with track construction, the forms were dismantled, and the majority of the wood was salvaged for re-use. Parts of track 37 were lifted and tamped using the air tampers, and the ballast was levelled on the track 46 switch. The area south of Barn 4 was partially graded, and fill was placed against the floor slab. Cobbles were placed between the curb and wall on the north side of the building, and granular A was placed on the roadway north of the curb. Flangeways were cut on track 46, and preparations continue to move cars into the building.
All in all it was a tremendous weekend, and the current phase of the project is substantially complete, 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled completion date published in the August 8 workplan. With the concrete work and track construction complete, we can concentrate on minor deficiencies and cleanup. My sincerest thanks to everyone who has assisted so far. While a lot of work remains to ballast, lift and tamp the yard, and complete the electrical work and parts shelving in the building, we have accomplished the goal of getting the building ready for cars this fall.

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Jim Sorensen said...

Looks really good!
A lot of planning went into the project which has evidently paid off.
A lot of sweat and toil by a lot of people has brought this project to the point where it is today.

To all of those involved - Great job - thank you