Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pre-Construction Update #4

Well, we're finally in the home stretch. After what can only be described as a mind-numbingly painful week full of unnecessary complications and unforseen obstacles, we received our Building Permit on Friday August 15th. We must offer our sincere thanks to the Town of Milton Building Department for all of their hard work to get everything approved in time to avoid the Development Charge increase on August 18th.

With the permit issued, the "Pre-construction" phase of the project is now over - posts from here forward will be "Construction Updates". Even the titles make progress. The current plan is do have the foundations laid out by Friday August 22, and complete excavation of the foundations by Monday August 25. Foundation work will commence shortly thereafter. The building superstructure is scheduled for deliver on August 27th.

Fundraising is ongoing, so please keep those contributions coming! Every $20 makes a difference.

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