Saturday, March 28, 2009

Construction Update #45

Notwithstanding my infrequent updates, the project is still progressing. The purchase order for the track doors was issued a few weeks ago, and the doors are scheduled for installation by the end of next week. With their installation, the building will be substantially enclosed with the exception of the 18" gap between the ground and the bottom of the walls. We will be applying for funding from the Milton Community Fund in April for sufficient concrete to completely enclose the building, and pour slabs for the parts area and walkways.

Funds are still required to build track. As noted previously, 540 ties are needed at $20 each, as well as some machine rentals. Total funds required to build all the track is estimated at $15,800 of which over $2,500 has already been donated. Without money for track, the building cannot be used for its intended function. Please contribute if you can.

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