Monday, January 26, 2009

Construction Update #44

As noted in previous posts, we applied for funding to install the track doors, build the tracks, and concrete the perimeter floor in the building. Our application was partially successful, and the Town of Milton Community Fund generously awarded us $20,000 towards the purchase of the overhead doors. The $7,000 for installation will be paid from the general fund. The cheque has been received from the Town, and a PO for the doors will be issued shortly. We are very grateful to the Milton Community Fund for their continued support.

We are now faced with additional fundraising to build track. The rail, plates and OTM are all on hand but we need ties. Relay ties cost $20 each including delivery, and a total of 540 are needed in the building. Unfortunately, without track, the building cannot fulfil its intended function - Please contribute if you can.

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