Tuesday, June 17, 2008


BIG NEWS! On June 10, 2008 the OERHA Board of Directors approved construction of car barn 4. A purchase order will be issued by June 19, and construction will commence in July.

The need for a new carbarn was identified in the early eighties even as car barn 3 was being built. It will ensure that all equipment that is currently outside, can be stored indoors. It will also provide a home for the equipment in Barn 1, which is slated for partial demolition next year.

While it would seem that nothing much has happened over the last few years, the reality is quite different. All of the groundwork for the project has already been laid. The site was graded, and a granular base was placed in December 2003. During 2004, the lead track and ladder, and a portion of the yard tracks feeding the building were built. Since then, materials have been gathered up including lights, fixtures, overhead and track components, and granulars. The past few months have been incredibly busy with negotiations with the Town of Milton, and our building contractor.

I am currently writing up the purchase order for the building, including technical requirements and terms & conditions. With any luck we will have engineering drawings in to the town by early July.

I will attempt to provide frequent updates and photos of progress. Much work has yet to be done, but we are finally underway.

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